April, 2001


"Money doesn't make you happy but it's
a comfortable way to be miserable."

- Claire Booth


Hey Everybody,
Happy Spring. Here's to tulips on your face and sunshine ready to bloom. Wait. Tulips ready to...oh, forget it. Happy Spring.



TONS of you did not receive last month's newsletter and I would apologize for that except, number one, many of you are quite HAPPY you didn't receive last month's newsletter and number two, it wasn't my fault. Blame stoopid Netscape for that one. For once, it wasn't my complete ignorance of computer technology. About a thousand of you are still in my Netscape address book as that's where these dopey newsletters originate from and I never bothered to transfer the address book because I trusted that Netscape would never lose it on me. Silly me. Anyway, they found it (must have dropped behind their stove) and here we are. Together again. Lucky you.

If you want the March newsletter, drop me an e-mail at with the heading "MARCH!!" and we'll send it out. Also, Lee posts all the past newsletters on for me so you can go there to read it, too.



For those of you asking, the Telegram STILL isn't done with it's goofy comics poll so I don't know what's doin' there yet. If you want to bug them instead of me (hint, hint) you can write 'em at I think this is the last week they're doing it but one never knows, does one.



Once again, the contacts are (I think)-
Tonnie L. Katz, senior vice president and editor
(714) 953-7986
Robin Doussard
comics editor
(714) 796-6989

You guys and the sales people at the syndicate got me back in on Sundays with the OCR. Much MUCH appreciated. They promised us back in on the weekdays as well cuz they said they got tons of mail and calls but apparently um..that didn't happen. I dunno. Anyway, thanks for all you did and are doing. Awesome.



The Big Picture, thanks to a great sales staff at Universal Press Syndicate and some incredibly PERSISTENT fans and supporters of the strip, is picking up newspapers and markets at a nice steady pace and we appreciate it muchly. We're looking forward to what sales folks term as a "breakout". Not like the kind your sister used to get right before the prom, but more that the strip will build and build from the steady progress it's experiencing now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For all of you that have asked how to get The Big Pic in your local paper, here is an INCREDIBLE website to find the way to contact the editor and editorial page of every single newspaper in the Universe. Easy to find yours and VERY easy to make your voice heard. to find YOUR newspaper go to- The editorial page is an open forum and editorial page editors pay attention to that stuff.



I'll be in Kansas City on Big Pic business from May 1 to May 3.This is not a book signing thingy. Sorry if I gave the impression that it was a "public" event. It's the annual sales meeting of the syndicate and I'm the guest creator (oooh. "Mr.. Guest Creator". well, excuuuuze me) this year.



Not gonna be at the Cartoonist Convention in Boca this year. Sorry 'bout that, too. Cancel your reservations,doods. I know all your plans were revolved around me being there, right? Seriously, I can't make it this year. Hector. Carlos. Mark. You know what to do. Raise some hell. The six... never mind. This is a family newsletter.



YESH!! We're all looking forward to this year's bash at The Plantation Club in Woosta next Friday the fourth ('cept next year I'm gonna start taking those NUMBERS off of which year it is EXACTLY. Enough of announcing my stoopid age). This is one of my very favorite events of the year. We run this benefit annually for "Why Me, Inc." a charity organization that helps kids with cancer and their families. The bash is a GREAT time with GREAT bands, GREAT friends and a GREAT cause. The spirit in the room is indescribable (is that how you spell indescribable?). And ALL profits go straight to the charity.

This year features the bands (in this order starting at 8 p.m.) GEARHEAD, THE BUBBLEHEADS, PURE FICTION, PROBABLE CAUSE, and o' course, CLUTCH GRABWELL (we go on about midnight). There is also a free buffet and lots of local businesses contribute goods and services for raffle.

The whole night, all that included, sets you back just twelve bucks American. Again, ALL of it goes straight to the kids. Join us, please. You won't be disappointed. We're expecting a huge crowd this year so you might wanna get there early.

For those of you that live out of town, out of state, off of continent and/or off of planet, you can still contribute to the cause and FEEL a part of it if you want. here's how-

1) You can check out the "why me" website at to get further information on the good work they do. It is a truly personal and "grassroots" organization that helps their kids directly. It's not a big mega charity where you're not quite sure if your money is going where it should.

2) Donations can be sent directly to Why Me, Inc, 316 Main Street, Worcester, Ma. 01608 If you want to mention that your sending in care of "Lennie's Birthday Bash", that's cool but not necessary. And, I'll tell you what. Send a check to me, any amount (I trust you), made out to Why Me, Inc. and I'll send you back a drawing of me 'n Fuzzbucket or somethin'. Howz THAT? Hell, you can sell it on E-Bay for like, 25 cents or something. or wait 20 years and sell it for THIRTY cents!! Whoa!

3) If you'd like a special edition (I design a different one every year) "Birthday Bash" t-shirt, drop me an e-mail at or just send a check out to me for at least $10 plus some dough for shipping (like, 3 bucks extra should cover it) at The Big Picture, P.O. Box 729, Norwell, Ma. 02061 and I'll get it right out to you. Profits go straight to Why Me.

This year, the t-shirts are black with white print. On the front chest is a graphic of Ginger in rock 'n roll pose playing a guitar. On the back is a listing of the event, the bands and some other good stuff. If you want to see the design, Lee is putting it up on soon (might be there now). If it's not there yet, drop me an e-mail if you have any questions. Or you can trust me. The worst case scenario is that you hate the shirt but at the very least you helped some kids and got yourself a nice rag to polish the car with. Not a bad "worst case".

There are sizes large and x-tra large only. Always. Cuz I like it that way, 'k? I've got a few left over from the last 2 years as well (like a half dozen) that I can sell for $8 each if you're interested. Give me a couple weeks to get it out to you, though because things will be busy here when I get back from K.C.

They sell pretty quickly at the event itself so, if you're interested, we'll do what we can to set some aside. And, if you do decide to support the cause in ANY way, thanks in advance. I can't think of a better.



Thanks to WBZ (AM1030) radio's Jordan Rich for the phone interview and plugs last night for the upcoming Birthday Bash. Jordan's show reaches a WIDE audience ('bout 38 states) and I appreciate the help with the fund raiser. Jordan's a good guy. We've spoken off air a bit and he's the same guy you hear on the air. in that business. We'll be doing an interview and taking calls sometime over the summer so I'll keep you posted.

I did a two part interview (the first part is up this week and the second part will be posted next week) with J.R.Cook, creator of the on-line comic strip, "The Normal Guy". Good questions and a nice exchange with J.R. And not the usual "Where do you get your ideas?" dopey questions. If you wanna check it out, this week's link is:
next week,

I also did an interview with a trade mag, Cartoonist Profiles, which will come out in June. More on this next time.



Tonight's Thayer Symphony Orchestra concert, featuring Jerry Seeco (and moi, playing in the orchestra and soloing on a couple of tunes) is sold out. Sorry 'bout that.


-Thanks to James Baker at S.E. Shires in Hopedale, Ma. for fixing my horn. Trombone players reading this- trust me. He's the man.
-Thanks to for getting my new photo up on my section of that site. Finally a photo I like. Hey, maybe it's cuz my face is all covered up. Hmmm. Anyway, sorry i dragged my butt getting it to you. Much better than that old one from 3 years ago. Now to get Ginger on there. Sheesh. It never stops, does it??
-Thanks to the band Joe Rockhead. I had the opportunity to design the cover for their new c.d. plus take a solo on track three. If anybody wants to contact Joe Rockhead, go to ask for Tom.
-Thanks to Jeff (aka Andre). Dood, you know what you do. It's friggin' awesome. From pushin' The Big Picture to keeping us idiots in line and focused on what's real.
-Thanks to Lee as always ( All that stuff you do is above and beyond what you came to do. I call and you do. Amazing. Someday I'll pay you properly.



Nope. Haven't heard from Dawn. We've gone a long time without contacting each other before and the connection always remained strong so don't worry. Course, she wasn't married living in Paris then either....



As those of you that follow the band know, the shows have more and more energy (if that was possible) and Mark's tunes get stronger and stronger...It's never been better for me. We're finally now talking about doing a new c.d. No date set yet but we're all anxious to get the new material recorded. We WILL get to the West Coast in the fall. We're concentrating on New York right now and the first date there is in June. More to come.

Updates for all gigs and info at all times can be found at or by calling (781) 925-9050


That's it for now.

Thanks, as always, for your support, everyone. As I said in the "Normal Guy" interview, "For me, it's all about the readers that give a hoot. That's why I do this." But I didn't use the word hoot.

Anyway, thanks for giving a hoot.

Lennie, Ginger, and all of us at The Big Picture

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