June, 2001


"If I had my life to live over again,
I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner."

- Tallulah Bankhead


Howdy. Here's to another birthday cake and yet another year of life experience, maturity and wisdom. Uh..okay..another year of life experience. And here on Boston's bootiful South Shore we're looking forward to hot summer days and warm summer nights. All four of 'em.



Thanks to ALL of you that supported my Annual Birthday Bash last month raising dough for Why Me, Inc., a charity which helps kids with cancer and their families. There are too many people to thank individually here but you all know who you are from the bands to the club to those in attendance to those businesses that contributed to the raffles to those who helped sell the merchandise.To those that provided the sound and lights and equipment to those of you from far away that couldn't attend but sent for t-shirts.It's the absolute best cause I can think of to get behind and, as always, we'll try to do even bigger and better next year.

The people at "Why Me" do incredible work and the most recent news is that the house is finished. "The house" being a house in Worcester , Ma. which will provide a place to stay for the families of the kids being treated at the nearby UMass Medical Center. Congratulations to Why Me Inc. and congratulations to all of you who contribute to that cause. It is a grass roots charity grown from the loss of a little girl some 10 years ago and it continues to attract more and more attention through larger and larger fund raising events, contributions, and celebrity endorsements. They provide a variety of services to both the kids and their families from coffee and donuts for weary parents to parties and trips for the kids as well as the house just completed. Pretty awesome stuff.

If you'd like more information contact:
Why Me, Inc
316 Main St.
Worcester, Ma. 01608
ph- (508) 757-7734

the website's a bit dated (it's a volunteer outfit after all) but you'll get the idea.

For those of you still interested in purchasing a Birthday Bash t-shirt, there is still information posted at



Cuz, y'know, if we "can make it there we'll make it anywhere"...

Go to for info on the soon upcoming trip to New York where we'll play The Lions' Den. We'll be there this Saturday, June 9th and will be playing our set from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. It's looking like we're going to be there on a somewhat regular basis so that'll be real nice. This will be our first time at this particular joint in N.Y.C. and we plan on doing our usual ripping apart of the place for the fans as well as the dopey record company muckitty mucks that will be there checking things out. Feel the Clutch. BE the Clutch.

There are still a few tickets available to ride the bus. Go to the website and Jeff will hook you up. It's only like 30 bucks or something for the bus trip (round trip even. Whoa! No hitchhiking!), a day in the Big Banana..I mean Apple...and admission to the gig. Such a deal! On top of THAT (Y'mean, there's MORE Uncle Lennie??) most of us idiots in the band are gonna be riding the bus along with the fans! Woohoo! Now you can be stuck on a bus to New York with us!! Ain't THAT a treat!! Hmmm. Maybe in that case, we shoulda priced this at 5 bucks.

At any rate, I know for sure that Mark, Johnny, Jeff, Ray (Ray M., that is), and I are on that bus plus an assorted bunch of other characters hopefully including Rich Eames, Fitzy, Joe Buck and the gang. Unfortunately, I'm not positive the groupies that were back stage at Sunday's show will be with us much to our dismay. Oh well. You know what they say about too much of a good thing...

Again, the info is at There's a schedule there for other upcoming shows as well. Like the Harpoon Brewfest tomorrow night. Always fun.



Once this NYC trip is over and done, our next move is to start planning on a fall swing down the west coast. We'll keep you posted. But we're all for it. Any of you folks with suggestions/ contacts for clubs and colleges to play and park benches to sleep on, please contact or me at We've got some places in mind but the more the merrier as they say. Plus I might do a booksigning or two and maybe MAYBE (which would be awesome) a fine art show up north with my surrealisms. I'd like that.



Would like to say goodbye to the comic strip "Citizen Dog" created by Mark O'Hare. After a successful run (five years I think) and 3 books, Mark's decided to move on. I enjoy his strips and books immensely and I wish him lots 'o happiness and prosperity. And that he's getting. He's part of the team that creates the best, funniest and funkiest animated kids' cartoon on television (Nickelodeon), "Sponge Bob Square Pants". Mark Campbell from the band turned me on to this show long before I got to meet and hang out a bit with Mark O'Hare or even knew he was the Citizen Dawg dood. Now I have a Sponge Bob key chain and 2 t-shirts. Got addicted. Seeking help.I always wave when his name scrolls by at the end. Anyway, on top of that, the man and his lovely wife are expecting a newborn. Like any second. Today. Like now.

If you want to wish him well, you can send an e-mail to him at Tell him I said "hey". His hands are a bit full so he may not get to respond but he will definitely appreciate the gesture. Real good people.

I think still has the Citizen Dog strips posted for now. Plus his books are available at if you like the strip.



Yup. The e-mails are pouring in about my misspelling of "HEINLEIN" as "HEINTEIN" in today's Ginger quote (6/5).

Boy,what a big stoopid dummy. I just recover from my misspelling of the word "pity" on last Sunday's strip and now I misspell the name of one of our greatest thinkers and SF writers. My editors and I send our most sincere and humble apologies (okay, I do. I'm not blaming ANYone but myself on THIS one..) and thank the gods of dopey cartoons that our readers are of the sharp variety and actually give a rat's butt to write and point it out! Thank you all for paying attention. I'm gonna go hide under my bed now. You DO know there will be strips resulting from this agony! Must've been a rough week on Planet Lennie the week I did those misspellings. So rough I don't remember...

I'm thinking of making a goof a regular feature however. On purpose. Might be fun. Like a monthly "Spot the Goof". Or something.


UCOMICS.COM now has a feature called "The Store" which will be offering all kinds of merchandise related to the comic strips they carry. It just started and so far there are only a few up there including one of my favorites, "Bizarro". "T-shirts and mouse pads and mugs, oh my!" Cool stuff. Keep you posted when guitar slinging Ginger is up and running on a mug. Should be soon.



Thanks to ALL of you that made my trip there such a blast. Damn, you know how to treat a cartoonist/ trombonist/Arteest geek in every way. Everybody. Thanks. For some reason, most of you don't believe me (you must think i'm a good actor) but I had a ball. Oh, and by the way, the personal "strips" you did for me at that meeting there? I have plans. hang in there. They're coming. I'm very busy and important, you know. Actually, I'm sitting on my ass drinking coffee but you know how it is. And, no, I didn't leave THAT package on the plane.

Thanks again everyone. Besides the boost it gave me, it was great to put faces to names. 'Specially you, Lisa...



By the way, that "photo"in the last panel of this past Monday's (6/4) E-Mail Monday is supposed to be a photo of Brad Pitt. It came out like a big ugly blotch and kind of messed up the whole point of my um..gag. This is mostly due to my ineptness (is that a word?) with the computer. The powers that be did all they could to fix it but hey, y'know? Misspellings, botched photos of Brad Pitt, wondering if "ineptness" is a word...What other cartoonist or writer do you know that fesses up to such things? Oh wait..most of 'em don't have to cuz they're careful not to screw up in the first place. Nevermind then.



I did a two part interview with J.R.Cook, creator of the on-line comic strip, "The Normal Guy". I mentioned this in the last newsletter and part 2 is posted now. If you wanna check it out, go to: You'll find it there.

The Cartoonist Profiles Magazine interview with good 'ol Yours Truly should be out right about now. I haven't seen it yet but i've been told they're running the entire thing, no cuts, so that should be interesting to say the least. I remember getting aggravated toward the end but it was only cuz I was in the middle of one of my surrealisms and wanted to get back to it. And God help the person who gets in the way of me and my surrealisms, know what i'm saying.? Hopefully I didn't come across as the arrogant, pompous, thick headed, egomaniacal jerk I really am. Sounds great, doesn't it? No doubt a pleasant read before bedtime.

Anyway, I'll mention this again in the next newsletter in case anybody wants a copy. I might be able to work something out with the publisher dood that I can just reprint the interview and send it to whoever wants it for the price of postage. I'll get the info to order the magazine as well just to give the dood a plug or if you want the whole issue. Or a subscription in case you're one of those weird cartoonist types. That magazine helped me a lot in my syndication pursuits and obsession.



You guys are gonna DIE when you see what I got from "Lynne" in California. Absolutely incredible. She sent it to me for my birthday. It's a hand sewn cloth 18" poseable (is that a word? That's a word, right?) Lennie doll that couldn't look more like me and/or the cartoon me. Right down to the kinds of clothes I always wear. No doubt she's been looking in my windows. It is SO funny. And the KILLIN' thing is that it's complete with suction cups on the hands and feet. I am FINALLY a suction cup doll!! FINALLY my dream has been fulfilled!!

So i'm going to post that on soon as I get some decent photos of it. Oh...and the riot is to pull down the pants on the thing. I try to keep my website FAIRLY "kid friendly" (as well as this newsletter. Imagine...I'm protecting kids from seeing a doll with it's pants down on the INTERNET. How's the lost cause in THAT? Talk about jumping in the ocean to get out of the rain...) so, unfortunately, I won't take a shot of THAT pose. Let's just say she has an um..."enhanced" ..."larger than life"... "one can only hope"...impression of me. You get the idea.

Thanks again, Lynne. That doll has brought LOTS of fun and laughter to me 'n mine and now sits proudly on the mini-bar. Great stuff. It'll be on the site soon. And the "added accessory" possibilities are ENDless! Kitty, coffee mug, trombonaphone, sketch pad, hot chick by my side. Oh wait. That's the Ken doll with the hot chick by his side...



'K. Gotta go.

As my ex father-in-law used to say, God Rest His Soul, "See you in the funny papers" (and little did he know). Thanks, everyone, for all your support. It means a lot. And that stoopid gourmet -wicked- expensive- cat -food -for- aging -old- fuzzbuckets which I can finally afford BECAUSE of your support means a lot as well... The Queen of All Felines would thank you but I know she's busy. I can hear her snoring from here...

Thanks and Best,
Lennie, Ginger, and all of us at The Big Picture

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