July, 2001


"Always look out for number one and
be sure not to step in number two."

- Rodney Dangerfield



check it out. it'll soak up HOURS of valuable time in your cubicle.



to all of you in my native stomping grounds of good ol' Worcester, Ma. (that's "woosta" to you foreigners). The Big Picture now appears in The Worcester Telegram much to the delight of my woosta area friends, family and me (and, of course, the people that live there. Of course). Cool to be there after all this time.

And local fans of the band now actually believe that we're in a comic strip. Now we don't have to hear, "Yeah, sure, whatever", every time we play the Plantation Club. We can just grab the paper and stick it up their nose and say, "SEEE??!!". This is always a fun activity no matter where or who you are, by the way. Try it next time you're on a bus or a crowded elevator. If you get in trouble for this, please direct your concerns to

to the other markets that have jumped on board this past month. A special shout to St. Louis. Thanks, doods.

to The Ventura County Star in California. They dropped us last week. Like a rock (is that the right cliche? Or is it SLEEP like a rock?). No warning, no "how-do-you-do-now-get- out". Nuttin'. Nada (is that how you spell "nada"?).

This is a complete mystery given the great support we have in California. I can't even begin to tell you of the boost I get in the letters received and the e-mail friendships made in Cali since the daily syndication began. Near as I can figure, the powers that be at The Star may be offended by the content of TBP in this week's (starting this past Tuesday, July 17 and running all week) strips. I don't know this for sure so don't quote me on it. And I'm hoping they haven't lost the ability to laugh at themselves. But a reader of TBP did write to them to complain and they wrote back saying TBP is "too edgy". The reader fired back with a good point- "Edgy compared to WHAT?? The Family Circus?? Mutts?? Or edgy compared to the murder, genocide, pollution and carnage in the news on the page BEFORE it?"

Anyway (deep breath), we were replaced by "Get Fuzzy" which is a perfectly safe and wonderful and funny strip, I guess, that doesn't create any waves and the editors don't have to worry much about. As Kerri pointed out, it IS the Garfield of the jaded new millennium (pissed off cat, neutral male owner, dumb dog) and I sure do respect that and I read most comics whether they take my fans away or not. But, sheesh, too edgy? And TBP is the only reality based strip out there ever, y'know? And I'm on a mission of a little innovation here, y'know? There's something to be said for THAT, gosh darn it. And REALITY is an edge itSELF, y'know?? And am i whining enough? So, yeah... if you want to show your support, Amy at Universal Press (see below) will be happy to (or at least will do it) sift thru it all and make sure it gets plopped DIRECTLY into the hands of the people that matter at the Star. So thanks in advance for your support AS ALWAYS. You readers in California have been SWEEEET to me. I hate that one of the papers there dropped me.Very disappointing. At least they could have made up an excuse like "low readership" or something like the OCR did.

So if you want to have your voice be heard on this one, write to Also, you can write to I think. But the first address is the best bet.

People didn't complain a whole lot when I got replaced by "Get Fuzzy" once before. Maybe they figured "What the hell. Cat that talks. Guy that drinks beer. Same thing but different." So, that's cool. But thanks if you do complain.



The Orange County Register is up to its old tricks again (is there ONE of these stoopid newsletters that I HAVEN'T mentioned the OCR?? ). These guys change their comics around more often than I change the oil in my car, fer criminee sake.

Now they're doing one of those dopey reader polls for what comics people want in their paper like they did in Worcester and I think somewhere in Ohio recently.

TBP was in the Orange County Register daily and Sundays about a year ago. Then I got dropped (I think cuz o' some of them there "offensive and edgy" cartoons I did. See above). Then a whole bunch of you wrote in (remember all this?? we should write a book together) demanding TBP back. So after a 3 month campaign they said they were gonna put us back in and then they only put us back in on Sundays (Sunday's a very "safe" day in comic strip land, by the way...long story) but promised us the dailies very soon (this was back in March) and now they have this poll. Go figure.

'Nuff said. here's where to vote- They're conducting it "hard copy" only supposedly, with a survey to send in from the comics page itself. But you can send a vote in on your own as well.

Via snail mail-
Comics Survey, OCR
Box 11626
Santa Ana, Ca. 92711

I also got an inside scoop on e-mail addresses for the OCR if you wanna be a brat (which, of course, I encourage)-
Deadline on the poll is soon- July 23. That's this Monday, dood.

Thanks in advance. As Opus used to say, I know it's a "big pain in the patootie" so, thanks.

And a big thanks to Carol, Jim and Mary for gathering this info for me.



Also, we're doing a big push on The Boston Herald VERY soon. Clutch fans and TBP readers can unite (y'know. if you wanna and all..) before the Universal Press sales force even gets to them to present it and we can make THEIR job much easier...

write to-
Andrew Costello at

'Bout time for a Boston showdown.



Sales are good on both of the books I'm most proud of out of all the books I've done. Those of you reading this that don't know about my books, here's a shameless plug (hey, isn't that what those transplant doctor doods put in your head in your mid-life crisis?? A shameless plug?)-

"The Big Picture, A Comic Strip Collection" published by Andrews/McMeel and "Why God Makes Bald Guys" published by CCC Publications.

Both of these books can be, if not found, ordered at any bookstore or on

Remember, Christmas is coming. Well..eventually. Most likely there's a holiday SOMEwhere in the world today worth celebrating so why not buy a book today....


STRIPS FOR SALE! GET YOUR STRIPS HERE! PEANUTS! POPCORN! COMIC STRIPS! has prints available at their website by ALL of their comic strip creators, including me. I've signed a bunch of these things and I just wanted to tell you that they're looking real good and I ain't just sayin' that. Large (about 11x17) ,nice print quality, excellent paper..all that good stuff. Suitable for framing.

Some of the creators (like me) sign the stuff, others don't, but there's a whole BEVY (that's a word, right? bevy?) of comic strips to choose from. You can see the entire list at The way it works is, you read a comic you like and you say to yourself, "Agnes?" (that's if your name is "Agnes") "I'd like one of them there funnies suitable fer framin'". Then you order it off the site and UComics sends it to me or the "Bizarro" dood or the "Foxtrot" dood or "The Boondocks" dood or whoever you, "Agnes", bought. We sign it, and it's yours, Agnes.

Sure does beat all those comic strips taped to your fridge. You get the idea. Whether you buy one of mine or not, it's a pretty cool concept.

My ORIGINAL comic strips are available through ME at or thru my website or at the Norwell address. When you see a strip of mine you like (HA! THAT'll happen..) and you wanna purchase, just write to me an I'll let you know whether it's available or not. And, heck, just think- you can sell it on E-Bay for almost HALF what you buy it for! Such a deal!

We're talkin' the original artwork here- stoopid pen to stoopid paper (originals are about 10" by 3 1/2"). I generally sell these for about $100.00 with 20% of the dough donated to charity (10% to "Why Me, Inc.", a charity that does great work for kids with cancer, 5 % to a local animal shelter and the other 5% to Greenpeace). So you get a swell original plus do some good for the world. Agnes.

And remember-It's a holiday somewhere (see above).



NYC trip is over and done (had a ball..y'know, 'cept for the whole Lost-In-Harlem thing. But even that was actually one of those nice little "Life Adventures That'll Never Go Away", come to think of it), and we are now figuring out the late October swing down the Left Coast. We'll keep you posted both here, in the strip, and at Thanks to ALL of you that sent in suggestions for California venues and contacts, clubs and colleges to play and public showers to scrub down in. Probably should avoid Ventura County, huh? Those people at the paper seem really mad at me...and they could probably beat me up. Come to think of it, ANYone could beat ME up. N

ot sure whether I'll be doing booksignings or not but I'm thinkin' on it. Same for a Fine Art show with the surrealisms.

And the big news is, kind of related to the Cali trip.....



Yes, it's true. I know we've been talking about a third c.d. forever and lots o' people have been asking even longer, but this is the Truth- We are currently and seriously shopping for a studio to get the thing done. FINALLY! YES!! And there will be a decision on that by next week. We've got it narrowed down to 2 or 3 different places. We'll start the recording process in mid-August and we're hoping to push it so we can have it in our hands by the time we make the trip westward. That'd be (as they say in Revere) wicked pissa.

The optimists in the band say it can be done. The pessimists say ready for Christmas. I say as soon as Andrew finds me another shiny shirt and Jeff learns that chromatic descending 16th note lick in the middle of "Our Love Is Alive". One way or the other, we'll have a c.d. by the holidays. And it's always a holiday somewhere (see above).

With the changes that have happened within the band personell (and, dare I say, God Bless the changes) the c.d. poject has been on hold but now we be ready to go.



The Cartoonist Profiles Magazine interview with good 'ol Yours Truly is done and out and about. They did run the entire interview so that's pretty cool beans. I got some nice mail about it and that's

If you want a copy of the magazine, contact
Jud Hurd
Cartoonist Profiles
P.O. Box 325
Fairfield, CT. 06430

Send him like, I dunno, 12 bucks ($10 for the mag and $2 for shipping) or something. Ask for Issue # 130, June 2001 (Snoopy's on the cover).

Or if you want just a copy of the interview itself, you can send me (TBP, P.O. Box 729, Norwell, Ma. 02061) a pre-stamped (55 cents of stamps should do it. It's 7 pages including a bunch of strips) envelope and I'll get it to you. Jud's probably cool with that but I'll be sure to check with him first.

I think there's a little something in Hogan's Alley magazine with me in this issue, too, but I'm not sure. Haven't seen it yet.



Still need to get a photo of that up on the site. And I keep getting a lot of mail to get more photos of me and Fuzzbucket up there. I'm just so darn busy sitting on the beach, y'know?



The results of the contest will be out on August 16 and 17. Hint- The female winner was a part of the nominees but very few knew who she actually was (figure THAT one out). The big showing second place winner was a write-in. Guess who...

And male votes? A write-in first place winner for the male category (now REALLY figure THAT when you see it) and a very strong second for a cartoon dood that WAS a part of my nominees.

The response to that poll was phenomenal. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Oh, wait...don't say "Fuzzy"...


K, all. Nuh-nite now.

I say, "Thanks, as always, everybody, for ALL your support." And Ginger says "zzzzzzzzzzz".

Lennie, Ginger, and all of us at The Big Picture

Lennie "Agnes" Peterson

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