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September, 2001


My thoughts, prayers, and energies go out to all of the victims, the heroes, and their families, that were so deeply affected by the horrible attacks against our country on September 11th.

As we come to grips with all of this- sorting through the politics, the economics, the clean up, the figuring out of the whos, whys, and hows of it all- let us never forget the personal losses, horrors, and sorrows of the innocent victims and their loved ones.

On a very brief personal note, I would like to thank those fans of the strip and the band that wrote asking if I and those close to me were okay. Physically, that is. The answer is yes.

However, as I watched that footage of the Trade Center crumbling to the ground, my thoughts eventually turned to those who don't get talked about all that much.

I've eaten a half dozen brunches and a half dozen lunches at the top of that thing. The top floor. Where our Statue of Liberty is no taller than a golf pencil. On three occasions, I've stayed at the Marriott that was at the base of the towers .

And as the television talking heads rightly spoke of the firefighters and police and EMS personnel and stockbrokers and office workers, my thoughts, for whatever reason, turned to the last waiter that brought me a sandwich there. The last maid who cleaned my room there while she asked me, in a thick Spanish accent, what all those funny little drawings were on my desk. "Ha! Tat iss yoo!", she laughed. The last bartender that mixed my stoopid Bloody Mary there. The bus-boy who started talking about his new guitar and did I "know anybody at Berklee" that he could talk to about trying to get in there. Real people- first jobs, second jobs, moonlighting jobs- waiting on a schlub like me, eking out an honest living to keep up a New York life and an American dream for themselves.What was this movie I was watching at 9 o'clock on a sunny Tuesday morning? AMAZING special effects.You could almost imagine it was real.

May the heroes, sung and unsung, rest in peace. And may we have the strength, memory, vision, courage and guidance to live our lives to the fullest, whatever all that means to each of us, from this point forward. As individuals and as a nation.

Thanks for your indulgence with this newsletter. I'll get back to the usual next month.

Peace. Whatever that means to you, whatever it takes for you, Peace. Please read on and donate what you can, when you can, how you can-


This is a link to several links that will aid many charities and causes directly related to the attacks:

As well, Petco has set up a fund for the truly forgotten including the countless pets left homeless as well as the rescue efforts' K-9 divisions:


Until next month...thanks for all of you. You are so GREAT to me.

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