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December, 2001


"Without Art, Life has no meaning."
- Art's Wife (thanks Kurt Schneider)



You're gonna love this one. Then after you check out that most excellent moose, go back to and explore. Fun stuff. Thanks, Madame Moose.



1.True or False- You can credit the entire format of the rest of this newsletter to Andrew, Clutch Grabwell saxomaphonist.

A: True.

2.True or False-You can blame the entire format of the rest of this newsletter to Andrew, Clutch Grabwell saxomaphonist.

A: True.

3. True or False- I haven't written a newsletter since October cuz I didn't want to get out of bed and get dressed cuz I had no clean underwear and I didn't feel like doing a wash.

A: False. I haven't written a newsletter since September.

4, True or False- Poor Kerri (see #3).

A: True.

5. True or False- Since my August newsletter (see my August newsletter), I've received more pictures of Heidi Klum than I need for a lifetime (I was gonna say "more Heidi Klum pictures than you can shake a stick at" but I...Oh, never mind)

A: False. There is no such thing as receiving enough pictures of Heidi Klum (to shake a stick at).

6.True or False- I had an interview with TIME Magazine!!

A: False. Ha. Got ya. But I DID have an excellent interview with the Arizona Daily Star and Kristen Cook. Thanks for that, Kristen. And the bribes were minimal. I also got a nice plug coming up from Hogan's Alley magazine (write to me if you want details). It's a great magazine all 'bout the inside poop on the cartooning biz and the people within. Lots o' fun. My favorite section is a section called "Deja Viewed" where they expose cartoons that rip off previously published cartoons. It's awesome. I'll be in that section eventually, NO doubt. I ripped off Hilary Price BIG time in a recent Sunday strip (unknowingly, I swear. At least that's what I told her. Kidding, kidding. I swear it was an accident. One of those subconscious things). Actually, I should send that in to "Deja Viewed" just to beat anyone to the punch and show 'em how "with it" I am, y'know? Anyway, great magazine (and I said that long before they decided to give me a "Comic Strips You Should Be Reading" plug) and thanks very much for the support, Tom. Some of you have written to me trying to find that "Cartoonist Profiles" interview I did back in July. If you want, just drop me a line at or at P.O. Box 729, Norwell, Ma. 02061 and I'll put one out to you.

7. True or False- I had an interview with CNN.

A: False. But I was supposed to (Jeez. That is, after I told everybody I was gonna be on stoopid CNN). For real . They called me to set up a Thanksgiving Day interview and then they moved the scheduled time 3 times. Finally, I was going to have to do it at 9:20 in the morning on Thanksgiving Day from my sister Christine's house where I was staying overnight after playing with the band until 3 a.m. at The Plantation Club (CNN: "So, Lennie, tell us- how does this year's Thanksgiving affect you?" ME: "Uuuhhhnnnn...Wha?..."). But I would have done it. I mean, it's CNN, y'know? Ted Turner. All that. But then they decided to move it to Friday the 23rd and then to the following Monday (krikee) and I never heard from them again. Stoopid T.V. people. I figure one of three things happened- 1) I'm not famous enough and they got someone who's actually somewhat important in the business to do it. Like that "Mutts" guy or the "Beetle Bailey" dood or something, 2) There are more important things named Osama Bin Ladin going on in the world than an interview with someone who draws dopey cartoons for a living or, 3) They don't like me. But then I was thinking that's impossible. I mean, what's not to like, y'know? Or maybe all of the above. At least I'll probably get a comic strip out of the whole thing.

8.True or False- I'd like to thank all of the new markets that have decided to add TBP to their comics page(s) since October and say a big "THANKS" to those that have written saying they're happy to have me aboard. And "PTTTHHHP!" to those people who aren't.

A: True.

9. True or False- is the place to be for all of the best and coolest, hippest comics on God's Green Earth.

A: True. Bring the wife.

10. True or False- This newsletter is starting to sound like those idiotic newspaper columns Larry King used to do.

A: True.

11. True or False- The guy "Chris" who wrote to me saying that TBP is a Garfield rip-off is a big Poopiehead.

A: Duh.

12. True or False- I should just shut up about the whole Clutch Grabwell West Coast tour for now.

A: True. Ain't gonna happen. At least in February. But it WILL happen eventually even if I have to go out there and do it alone (just the trombone parts. Me, alone. On stage. Now THERE'S a show.) The problem is, if i can just make a few excuses here, recording a c.d. with this kind of production and this many people and personalities and schedules is always a MUCH bigger undertaking than one thinks. We originally wanted to have it out by Thanksgiving (Hey. That goes well with my cancelled CNN interview) then we pushed it to Christmas and, despite me having hissy fits, even THAT ain't happening. Oh, well. The good news is, the c.d. is KILLIN''. I PROMISE you that. It's sounding incredible. We're done tracking all the parts and it's now being mixed and then it will go into mastering (long story, that mastering process) then to the factory for manufacturing once the cover is done and all that crap. So, hey, maybe we WILL tour out there in February after all. February, 2005 that is. Doh! Anyway, we're sorry again for the delay. I don't know what to say 'cept that I love the band enough to tell you that both the show and the c.d. are worth the wait.

13. Lennie has more excuses than O.J. in a drug bust.

A: True.

14. Lennie is way behind in answering his mail, both e and snail.

A: True. See # 13.

15. True or False- Dan Dalton, salesman extraordinaire, will be missed to the extreme.

A: True. Forgive my indulgence here, but sometimes you end up in mutual admiration with someone that you figured was gonna be "just another work association". It happens all the time to everyone and it's one of life's little treasures, y'know? Think about it in your own life. Funny to trace your friends back. Happened with me and the band, Lisa and Lee at the syndicate and some others in other jobs 'n such. You go into a job thinking "Okay, I've gotta work with these people". Then you actually end up respecting them and admiring them and even (whoa!) LIKING them. Cool stuff. Dan is a man of conviction and integrity. One of those "no-nonsense" guys but with a sense of humor. Picture the Tasmanian Devil with wit and heart. There's Dan. Motivated, knows his stuff and knows a good comic strip when he sees it, and does whatever it takes to get it out there cuz he believes in it. No matter where he goes from here, the dood is a guaranteed success story. Hell, he's already a big success as a person as far as I'm concerned and as far as anyone who has the privilege of knowing him. He was/is a big part of getting The Big Picture out there and in the papers and web. The syndicate's gonna miss him, I'm gonna miss him and TBP will miss him. Thank you for everything, Dan. See you soon for that brew we've been promising each other.

16. The Aretha Franklin gig I played in November kicked ass.

A: True.

17. I got my ass kicked for being late to the Aretha Franklin afternoon rehearsal.

A: True. Well wait. I did get my ass kicked but I was actually right on time. They started 5 minutes early. So I got my ass kicked for being on time.

18. Guys who play those kind of shows all the time (like Tim Kelly) kick ass.

A: True.

19. This newsletter is even more self-indulgent and "inside" than usual.

A: True.

20. There will be more "UNSUBSCRIBES" than ever.

A: Really friggin'' true.

21. For all the scoop on Clutch Grabwell activities and such visit http://

A: False. Visit Oh, and THEN visit Heh heh. Tell 'em John Boyle sent ya.

22.True or False. Anyone in Boston wanting to come out tonight to the Hard Rock, we'll be there.

A: TWOO! We're playing under the premise of one of those stoopid "Battle of the Band"' things but this one's cooler than most. We said we'd do it if we could go on early and have a chance to get kids out that have been wanting to hear us. It's an all ages show at The Hard Rock in Boston for ( We start at 7:30 p.m. It's one of those deals where bands "compete" for a grand prize of like, an amp or something. Woohoo. But the main thing is, for us, we'll get to play for some kids that don't normally get to hear us play so that'll be fun. I think the other prize for winning the most votes is a record deal. Like, buy 1 record get 11 for half price. Okay, seriously, I think it's for some kind of a recording contract. Or something. You know the wacky business of it all. If you don't, Praise The Lord.

23. True or False- Clutch Grabwell is getting radio play in France.

A: False. But we ARE getting radio play in Spain. Mark got his ASCAP royalty statement last week and we're getting played in Spain. Go figure. I'm not sure the guys in the band know about this even so, excuse me one second- Hey, guys. We're getting radio play in Spain.

24. True or False- The guys in the band won't even see #23 cuz they'll all have sent an "UNSUBSCRIBE" by now.

A: True

25. True or False- Y'know, I started this comic strip and it's all mine, mine, mine. I'M the one who came up with the idea, I'M the one who persevered in getting it syndicated, I'M the one who has to work on it every day and yet KERRI AND GINGER GET MOST OF THE FAN MAIL and it's REALLY STARTING TO IRK ME, OKAY???!!!!

A: False. I don't work on it every day.

26. True or False- I got a 3 page letter last month from a lady in Florida saying I was going to burn in Hell for saying "Oh my God" (that's apparently using the Lord's name in vain) in my comic strip. She was serious.

A: Sheesh. That's really true.

27. True or False- Lee is in the process of reconstructing, updating and beefing up the website. So far, what I've seen of it is great. We're gonna finally get the Lennie doll up there that my good friend Lynne made and some new photos and new graphics and a whole bunch of other stuff and I'll keep you posted.


28. True or False- Jeff Campbell's (aka; Andre) breakaway solo effort with his band beginning in "V" and ending "T" is temporarily postponed due to an extended stay at Dave's Dude Ranch learning spanking tricks with a small metal chain.

A: Partly true.

29. True or False- On behalf of The Big Picture, Universal Press Syndicate, Andrews McMeel Publishing and Clutch Grabwell, I'd like to wish you all the warmest wishes for a great holiday and VERY happy, healthy and prosperous new year filled with PEACE. Thanks for helping me, in many ways, through an interesting 2001.


30. There is no 30.

A: False.

Say Hi to the wife for me. Peace, Lennie, Ginger and all of us.

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