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October, 2002



"I never make the mistake of arguing with people
for whose opinion I have no respect."

- Edward Gibbon



Thank you all for all of the interest in my tour dates. The main reason for this update is to give you all of the info you've been asking for and I figured it might be better to do it this way. At the bottom of this newsletter are tons and tons of links on where we'll be when and at what venues. There is also information on the composer and performers. I'm overloading you with info here 'cuz some of you have asked for specific information, some general and some not at all. This way you can click on everything, some things, or click the good ol' delete button...NOW. WAIT! DON'T!. Damn. Lost 'em. Anyway, as I said in the newsletter I sent out a couple of weeks ago, I'm going on tour with an orchestral piece which combines classical music and Latin music and a lot of other styles and is shaking up the classical music world, ALWAYS in need of a good shaking up, starting in California then working its way back to New York. All the links are below and thanks again for all the interest and inquiries.



Clutch Grabwell's third CD, "See Ya", is finally here and we're getting rave reviews from fans and press alike. It's VIDEO ENHANCED meaning, yup, pop it in your 'puter and there you can see 6 of the most handsome men that ever lived. And then you'll realize you put the wrong disc in. Really, though, it's video enhanced. Check it out. And we just got fantastic news from "101 Distribution". They've picked up the CD for distribution EVERYWHERE, in all the major CD outlets (Strawberries, FYE, Borders, Best Buy, etc, etc.) including the West Coast and ("Jeff" in Toronto oughtta love this) Toronto. And also, for those of you here on the East Coast, the new CD will be at Newbury Comics in a matter of a week or so. They have 'em, they just need to put them in the stores which takes about that time. If cdbaby doesn't have the new CD on their site yet, they're about to (our second CD, "How Ya Gonna Be" is there as well). Go to to order. Also, we got some other great news recently but I'm not sure I can mention that cuz I'm not sure it's signed on the dotted line yet. By the way, there are new photos of the band in action on the website (   from the Wachusett Mountain Music Festival so you'll wanna see them in the "photos" section.



The new UComics subscription service is up and running. You can still get comics for free there by visiting the site BUT for a MERE $10 a year (pay $14 if you want to get a bonus "Calvin and Hobbes" collection) you can create your own CUSTOM comics page every day. It's the coolest go there, pick out the comics you like, set up a page for yourself, and everyday read "YOUR" comics, the way YOU want them. Along with that service, you can archive the ones you like, so the entire collection of your favorites is stored. As well, you can e-mail a comics "postcard" to friends and enemies on any given day with any given comic strip AAAND, there is a full archive of EACH strip going back years and years. So let's say you're bored at work, you can go through the last 3 years of The Big Picture! Woohoo! Or, let's say, you're girlfriend dumped you. As revenge, you could send her 5 TBP strips a day for, for the rest of her life. Or something. Someone e-mailed me and said "I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY'RE GOING TO CHARGE TEN BUCKS A YEAR! SHEESH!".'s hard to find a decent PIZZA that costs less than that, folks. Krikee.Top notch comic strips every friggin day for a year, in a custom set-up plus all the options to do what you want with 'em. $10. If you can't swing that for that, you got some self evaluating to do, dood.



The Arizona Star in Tucson, AZ is a Poopie Head. Thank you. Just had to get that out. I obviously did SOMEthing to REALLY piss them off cuz they're pulling some REALLY weird stuff over there. I dunno, maybe the editors are fat or something and they didn't like my fat 'toons. Sheesh. Get a grip. I do BALD 'toons, don't I????? Anyway, I'm assuming they won't be attending my concert in Tucson . At least not without rotten tomatoes.

'K..See you all out there on the road- here is ALL the information, in its glory and detail. And, by the way, for those of you asking where Ginger will be while I'm shall see! If you're not interested in the tour, NOW is actually the time to delete. And, as always, THANK YOU. Lennie guliov's website/general information- about the tour and the piece (and the vocalists singing it)-

Most recent reviews. these from the august performance in chicago-,1419,M-Metromix-CriticsReviews-X!ArticleDetail-18114,0 0.html and the tanglewood review - ncert+.shtml



orange county, ca. oct 18&19 stanford univ, stanford, ca. oct 20 university of arizona tucson, az. oct.22 university of illinois oct. 23

we have the weekend of the 24th off so they have offered to fly me back home for friday night (which is great cuz i get to do a clutch gig on sat.) and then fly me to NY on monday the 28th to start the NY rehearsals

brooklyn academy of music, new york oct.30, oct.31 (added performance), nov.1, nov. 2 I return again on nov.3 for a Clutch gig/benefit thingy...

sydney opera house,sydney festival, sydney australia, jan 3-9 2003


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